We are selling and consulting BIOVIA solutions for science-centric companies of DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, a global corporation.

DASSAULT SYSTÈMES BIOVIA Solution can create an unmatched scientific management environment. It will help science-oriented companies bring innovation to improve the quality of life in the fields of biology, chemistry and materials. Please meet the DASSAULT SYSTÈMES BIOVIA portfolio which is the industry leader!

Simulation Solution

The solutions are provided which could predict the properties of a substance or help development of new drugs, without separate experimentation by utilizing molecular modeling.

Materials Studio

Solution related to chemistry, physics and material
With molecular modeling, Materials Studio enables predicting and analyzing the property of material prior to the experiment. It is easy to use and the best solution for computational chemists in the field of chemistry / material science who want as advanced modeling as professionals do.

It provides a variety of tools such as crystal structure modeling, simulation of the crystallization process, a study on the property of polymer or catalyst, a quantitative relationship between structure and property of matter.

Discovery Studio

Solution for drug design
Discovery Studio is a modeling solution for medicinal chemists. It helps them execute overall R&D for drug design from project planning to lead compounds optimization under comprehensive modeling environment.

It covers the latest technologies in the field of protein modeling, structure-based drug design, pharmacophore modeling, analysis of pharmacologic activation region, virtual screening of candidate drug, library designing, molecular mechanics and dynamic simulation, and reflection of new drug development trend.

Regulation and quality management solutions

The best enterprise collaboration solutions are provided which can improve innovation and operational efficiency in various industries.


Regulation compliance solutions for pharmaceutical / bio companies
It provides a closed-loop regulation compliance platform that enables enterprise-wide integration for common elements of regulation compliance, such as content, processes, labor force, systems, etc., in the life sciences. QUMAS solutions and packages for document, quality, and incident management; submission management; and regulation approval are the best solution for reducing time to release products, decreasing regulation compliance risks, improving operation efficiency, and reducing overall quality costs.

Analysis and management solution for research and process information

It is a scientific information management system that maximizes cost cutting, optimization, and efficiency in IT and research processes.

Pipeline Pilot

Easy programming solution for researchers
It enhances utilization of data resource for performing efficient research and development by collecting, processing, analyzing, and reusing a variety of data. It controls not only simple text or numbers but also complex research data, such as images, chemical structures, and sequence information of organisms. The processed data is integrated and managed; the research results are visualized in various forms via statistical analysis. It can reduce the IT-related business costs incurred in the research process, enabling more positive and efficient research through this series of automation.


Revolution of process information for innovation related to manufacture/production
It is a production process information management solution that integrates our unique data modeling technique and mighty analysis technique. It enables users who need to analyze process to access concerned process data in real time and easy way and to analyze data related to production and process development.



3DS BIOVIA Solution helps companies build an incomparable scientific management environment and thus innovate life quality through creation of biology, chemistry and material. Staying at the top of the league, 3DS BIOVIA portfolio is focused on the integration of various requests of science, experiment process and information, which are generated from research, development, QA/QC and manufacturing. Therefore, 3DS BIOVIA Solution provides the functions necessary for overall scientific data management covering biology, chemistry, molecular modeling and simulation, scientific pipeline, research management, quality control, environmental health and safety and operational information.


3DS BIOVIA helps science-oriented companies from all over industries enhance and accelerate the quality of innovation one more time; increase productivity; comply with domestic and global regulations efficiently; save cost; and propel the development of products from R&D to commercialization.