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Research of Thermochromic and Photochromic Dye

Thermochromic and photochromic dyes are colored substances made by discoloration of organic compounds. The discoloration of dyes is a phenomenon caused by cis-trans isomerization and ring opening and closure. Chemicals of these properties are used as the component of core materials that are employed when making microcapsules. Photochromic dye can be used as it is and changed into many different colors, depending on its structure.


INSILICO provides various kinds of thermochromic and photochromic dyes and is making its best to improve the quality of existing products and develop new functional materials through continuous R&D, eventually aiming to be a global leader in functional material industry.

Applicable Fields of Thermochromic and Photochromic Dye

Thermochromic Dye

It is made by taking advantage of the phenomenon that color appears and then disappear due to the interaction of developer. It is generally applied to manufacture thermo chromic microcapsules.

Photochromic Dye

It is used as the core substance for microcapsules and also as dye itself.

Research of Flow Improver

In broad sense, flow improver provides such properties as controlling Newtonian behaviors and increasing or decreasing viscosity. When applied to low molecular weight or oligomer type, it is used to decrease viscosity or improve the characteristics of second processing such as dispersion, leveling and/or mating through the action of the solution. Melting correspondence can be defined as having functions like enabling melting process with resin hard to process due to low heat resistance, while minimizing the property change of final output.

Applicable Fields of Flow Improver

Applications of Flow Improver with Low Molecular Weight

Flow improver with low molecular weight is an essential addictive for melting processing of printing, electronics and plastic-based fine chemical parts and new processing/material using carbon nano-particle and inorganic/metal nano-particle. The world market size of flow improver for vinyl type is as large as 1.5 trillion won and the domestic size is about 10 million won. We are developing flow improver that includes such multi-functions as antifoaming, dispersing and leveling and improves solution flow by reducing inner friction.

Portable Hazardous Material Sensor

A sensing system of hazardous materials, which is very expensive, has already been used in processing. Portable sensing devices to measure concentration have also been developed and placed in market, though still in primary stage. However, accidents related to the leakage of hazardous material break out beyond regular process monitoring scope and due to the handling of non-professional or general user. Therefore, it is very necessary to establishing a proper early warning system against leaking chemicals. The best way is to prevent the leakage of hazardous material. However, it seems inevitable to have outflow or leakage accidents. Therefore, the real best solution to overcome them is to minimize the damage with proper initial response.


It is important and necessary to have a detection device that enables early warning at operator level. For such device to be qualified as expected, there are some requirements to be met. First, it should be economic enough for an individual to have and use. Second, it should be easy to understand and know how to use with minimum education and training. Insilico is currently developing solid-state or gel film-based color transformation detection system that is the most ideal system to satisfy industry requirements.

Business Wears of Excellent Initial and Lasting Cool Feel

We will design and produce cool business wears that are characterized with initial and long-lasting cool feel by developing the manufacturing and processing technology for fabric and knitting with superior thermal conductivity and the Sheath(Nylon)-Core(polyester)-structured quick cooling multi-lobal composite threads using heterogeneous inorganic particles. Now, we are carrying out R&D to solve existing problems of cool materials innovatively. Through the development of non-formaldehyde menthol microcapsules, Insilico is realizing sense-satisfying and initial cool feel materials.


Based on world-class technologies and expertise, we are steadily conducting research and development and seeking to improve the product quality and to enhance its competitiveness.

INSILICO R&D Center is conducting research and development for the areas of advanced-conceptual high-tech materials and application materials. We are focusing on the material design using molecular modeling and the research of micro-sized granulated-capsules, and are also actively performing the research of new materials.