Bio research

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We are continuously conducting research for the development of safe biologics having excellent performance. 

Problems of antibiotics

A large amount of antibiotics is used for the purpose of preventing or treating diseases and of promoting growth in livestock. However, resistant strains have occurred due to the improper use of antibiotics for livestock, so a number of problems are caused thereof: making treatment difficult in the event of disease, diarrhea due to overuse of antibiotics, remaining antibiotics in livestock products, transmission of resistant strains created in livestock to humans, etc. Due to these problems, regulations on the use of antibiotics are increasingly being tightened around the world.

Need for antibiotic alternatives

Although antibiotics have long been usefully utilized in the livestock industry, as the risk of problems that existing antibiotics has been pointed out and precautions have been taken on the potential impact on stock raising, efforts – prohibiting the usage of antibiotics for growth promotion and the like – are being made at home and abroad to solve the relevant problem. However, this has led to side effects, such as reduced antimicrobial activity, decreased production performance, etc. for livestock, and the increased production costs thereof have weakened the volition to reduce the amount of antibiotics used and caused problems, including increase in the use of therapeutic antibiotics and so on, which has been a major obstacle for producing safe livestock products free from antibiotic-resistance problems.

With the fact that multidrug-resistant bacteria of livestock products are currently on the rise, the reality – that materials still lack which can replace the antimicrobial activity and growth promoting effects of existing antibiotics – shows the urgent need to develop the feed additives for antibiotic replacement in order to address this.

Research of probiotics


Probiotics, such as lactic acid bacteria, are live microorganisms that have beneficial effects on the host when ingested. Because probiotics enhance the activative and growth of beneficial bacteria but inhibit the activative or growth of harmful bacteria, the active research into probiotics as antibiotic alternatives is under way.

Strain development for enhancing antimicrobial activity

Through the non-GMO method (genome shuffling) , INSILICO Co. Ltd. possesses lactic acid bacteria-improved strains (Patent: KR 10-1378673) whose antimicrobial ability has been enhanced against the causative organisms of colibacillosis, the disease that causes great damage to the livestock industry, constantly conducting research to improve the production yield rate, storage, safety, and security of the obtained improved strains.

Research of bacteriocin


Bacteriocin refers to (glyco-)protein that is biosynthesized in probiotics and is the substance with antimicrobial effects. Unlike antibiotics, because it is nontoxic and non-residual to the human body, bacteriocin can be used as a safe antibiotic alternatives. However, since the amount of bacteriocin biosynthesized in microorganisms is very small, various studies are underway to increase its production.

Application areas of bacteriocin

Bacteriocin can be applied not only to a feed additives as antibiotic alternatives, but also to various areas, such as raw materials of cosmeceuticals, natural food preservatives, biomedical coating agents, biologics, etc.

R&D to increase production of bacteriocin

Prebiotics are components that activate probiotics thereby inhibiting harmful bacteria in the intestine of host, and also create a healthy intestinal environment. INSILICO Co. Ltd. possesses the technology (Patent: KR 10-1970888) that can enhance the production of bacteriocin from microorganisms up to 4 times or more by utilizing polysaccharide nanoparticles as prebiotics, making efforts to develop various biologics by using this.


Based on world-class technologies and expertise, we are steadily conducting research and development and seeking to improve the product quality and to enhance its competitiveness.

INSILICO R&D Center is conducting research and development for the areas of advanced-conceptual high-tech materials and application materials. We are focusing on the material design using molecular modeling and the research of micro-sized granulated-capsules, and are also actively performing the research of new materials, including water repellent using the non-fluorine- based materials, based on the organic-inorganic hybrid technology. In addition, INSILICO Co., Ltd. is conducting active research on probiotics and bacteriocins as unique antibiotic alternatives for antibiotics in line with the social issue for the regulation of antibiotic use.