With excellent technology and quality, we manufacture new functional microcapsules.

The efficacy of materials may be stably maintained by coating the functional components sensitive to the external environment with polymer or organic-inorganic composite. Please experience a diverse product group of functional microcapsules composed of ultrafine particles that may exert their efficacy according to the external environment!

Thermochromic Microcapsule

Chameleon T Series

This is a microcapsule product with a special thermochromic dye, which changes color according to temperatures. The thermochromic dye causes the change of color by the heat-induced chemical structure change.

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Bichrom Microcapsule(T)

Bichrom T Series

Bichrom dye features the change of color by the structural change in specific conditions. Since the dye is very sensitive to the external environment, it is made as a microcapsule-type product to extend the period of its repetitive function.

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Erasable Microcapsule


SpyBall is a kind of thermochromic capsule with the color disappearing or reappearing in response to temperature variation. The color disappears at a certain temperature or above and reappears at a certain temperature or below.

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Reverse Thermochromic Microcapsule

Reverse Thermochromic Series

Reverse thermochromic microcapsule is a product with thermochromic dye, which reveals its color according to increasing temperature. The reverse thermochromic dye causes the change of color by the heat-induced chemical structure change. When heat is applied to reverse thermochromic microcapsule, the substance structure inside the microcapsule changes and the color appears. When cooled again, the original structure of microcapsule is returned to the original structure and the color disappears.

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Photochromic Microcapsule

Chameleon UVC Series

This is a microcapsule product with a photochromic dye which changes its color by light. The photochromic dye causes color change reversibly by light. When it is exposed to ultraviolet rays (sunlight), it causes color formation, and when a light is blocked, it has its original color.

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Bichrom Microcapsule(P)

Bichrom P Series

Bichrom P Series is a reversible photochromic microcapsule that its color in lightless state changes to other color once exposed to light.

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Aroma Microcapsule


AromaBall is a product created in the process of making fat-soluble liquid aroma micro-encapsulated to increase scent durability.

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Vitamin E Microcapsule

BioBall Series

Vitamins are essential for beauty and physical health. BioBall was developed in the way of applying microcapsule technology to vitamins.

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Antibacterial Microcapsule

SF Ball

This is a microcapsule-typed product of antibacterial deodorant for textile. Antimicrobial agent of the microcapsule attached into textile is slowly released to produce antibacterial and deodorizing effect constantly.

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Silver Nano Microcapsule


SilverMaster is an innovative product with the antibacterial effect and deodorization improved in the way of impregnating silver nanoparticles in the outer wall of a microcapsule.

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Insect-repellent Microcapsule


HunterBall is a microcapsule product that contains the insect-repellent substance extracted from natural material in a high polymer microcapsule.

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Anti Mosquito Agent

Anti Mosquito Agent

Unlike the conventional mosquito repellents including DEET harmful to the human body, Anti Mosquito Agent uses the natural substance extracted from plants (natural aromatic scent) as its main substance.

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Thermal Storage Microcapsule


ThermoBall is a microcapsule product that contains phase change material (PCM). The functional product absorbs heat as surrounding temperature goes up, and slow releases it as the temperature goes down.

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