Division Customers Title
System construction SK Biopharmaceuticals Construction of web-based reagent management system
GyeongGi Bio Center Construction of the data management system of Compound bank
SK Biopharmaceuticals Construction of CADD (Computer Aided Drug Design) system
Samsung SDI Construction of integrated DB management system for battery material
Samsung Display Construction of OLED material information registration system
Samsung Biologics Construction of the data management and analysis system of Biosimilar manufacturing process
Hanmi Pharm System establishment of pharmaceutical quality management business automation and systematic information management
Dong-A Socio Holdings Establishment for the platforms of pharmaceutical standard regulations compliance and quality management in the global level
New material development Samsung SDI Functional design for improving the dispersibility of carbon nanotubes
Samsung SDI Photosensitive polymer design of paste for field effect display
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Analysis of mechanical properties based on the precursors of low-dielectric semiconductor materials
Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Surfactant design for dispersion of nanoparticles for MLCC
SK Biopharmaceuticals Prediction of tertiary structure of biopolymers and analysis of inhibitor binding
Samsung SDI Evaluation of metal composition effect of cathode material for Lithium Secondary Battery
SK Biopharmaceuticals The machine learning method was developed for the classification / search / characteristic interpretation of compound
Samsung SDI Analysis of optimal surface substitution structure for NCA development
SK Innovation Optimization modeling for crude oil additive