Technical Assets

INSILICO, based on its unique know-hows, constantly attempt to innovate, leading the trend.

We will grow into the best solution company in the field of life & material science, the best materials company in the field of fine chemical industry, and the best consulting company for molecular modeling and system construction.


The professional manpower in INSILICO would provide the best commissioned research services customized for your site. Please realize the development of new materials by utilizing the manpower of INSILICO who has secured the expertise, without the initial investment in hardware, software, manpower, etc.
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We have published theses related to the development of lithium-ion batteries, OLED, zeolites, porous materials for hydrogen storage, and tissue-targeting peptide for drug delivery, by making use of molecular modeling. We are going to constantly engage in research with the proven technologies.
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Industrial property rights

We have applied for the patents of the related fields, such as manufacturing method of phytoncide microcapsule impregnated with nanoparticles, organic frameworks, and antibiotic alternatives, etc.
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New Intellectual Property Rights

Our software programs, such as a small intestinal transit prediction program for peptides, and a pigment research database were registered.
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INSILICO's professional staffs are placing top priority on the promise to customers.

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