Create new value with IT & Materials fusion technology!


“We contribute to a happy world

by creating new values

with our technology!”

Happy world

The sustainable happiness of our society and Insilico members together

New value

The value of experience, efficiency, safety, convenience that controls the system and recognizes status and change


Our technology

The differentiated technology that connects materials and data using molecular modeling and artificial intelligence


Global leader in IT & materials fusion technology


Company realizing employee's happy life

We are creating a happy place of life that members realize their dreams by growing from the meaning of their work.

Company contributing to the development of science and technology

We are creating practical IT & material convergence technology that enables innovative material development at high efficiency and low cost.


Company creating sustainable innovative products

We are offering IT services in science, eco-friendly (performance, quality and price) competitive advantage capsules and capsule-based customer value applications

Goal 2025

IPO in 2025


Selective working 4 days in a week

Building a culture of self-directed work performance by providing a flexible working environment based on mutual trust


$30 million in exports

Global leader in global market competitiveness in specific product areas (No. 1 to No. 3 global market share in each field)


New building for future leap forward

Establishment of a new office building due to expansion of business, establishment of a new factory due to increased production, and establishment of a branch office for overseas expansion

Mission & Vision

We contribute to a happy world for living together by creating new values with our technology!

Moving away from the existing method of material development/production by trial and error, we use molecular modeling and artificial intelligence techniques to design and develop innovative products with low efficiency and low cost, as well as optimize the production process for mass production and stable quality. We continue to challenge, develop innovative products, and become a leader in IT material convergence technology that leads the world’s change.