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We hope that you will create a new future with INSILICO composed of excellent teams based on three core base technologies.

INSILICO has built an innovative collaborative environment, from the early stage of research & development of IT solutions and smart materials to the whole processes of experiment, production, sales, consulting, and service.

IT solutions

IT solution company in life & material science field!

We are a technology partner in the Korean region in BIOVIA solution of DASSAULT SYSTÈMES, a global leader in the 3D solution area.

BIOVIA solution can create the superior scientific management environment that enables science-oriented companies to make and connect biological, chemical, and material innovations and to improve the way of life. INSILICO is selling and consulting the enterprise solution that could efficiently manage all processes, ranging from the molecular modeling solutions for Bio, pharmacy, chemical, and material fields to quality control and manufacturing production.

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Smart materials

Smart materials company in the chemical field!

We specialize in manufacturing and selling the special functional microcapsules with the stability improved by coating unstable or week-persistent active components with polymer or organic and inorganic complex. We have the various products, such as thermochromic microcapsules which change color according to temperature, photochromic microcapsules which change its color by sunlight, and so on.
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Consulting services

Consulting company for molecular modeling and system construction!

INSILICO provides a consulting for new material development to design the optimal neo-composite from a virtual database in accordance with customer’s request. Instead of experiments, with the molecular modeling and Artificial Intelligence, we present the direction of new compound design after extracting the candidate compounds with desired targeting properties.

We will conduct a system construction consulting, including quality control, regulation compliance, information management platform, etc., to perform the business more efficiently at customer’s site.

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Core platform technology

INSILICO has been recognized for its unique technology, based on its solid trust with customers, and is creating the greater value through continuous growth.

Material design

We have an innovative research technology that enables the development of new materials in a short period of time, with low-cost and high-performance by screening candidate compounds that are expected to have excellent properties through computer simulations prior to the experiment.



Artificial Intelligence

It is a field where various data is collected and informationized and where the high-value information is derived, contributing to quick problem-solving and product-quality improvement in the process of R&D and manufacturing production.




We have emulsification technology to disperse and stabilize two types of liquids that do not compound with one another. With this technology, we have developed microcapsules that carry the substances of active components in a fine capsule.

A superior team

Heui-ill No

Director of MBU

For the impression of customers! For the future of company! For our happiness!

As a core division of the company’s sales and manufacturing production, we lead the way for the stable production of microcapsules and functional materials and to meet the demands of domestic and overseas customers. We are leading the market in the outside, producing competitive products in the inside; the best talented characterful individuals are gathered to establish a foothold for the company’s continuous growth. We like the fields. We always have a positive mind and the execution power, leading the innovation of company in an enterprising and enthusiastic way in the external environment.

Jaehoon Shim

Division Head of ITD

Advanced infrastructure for quality assurance and environmental safety!

We are an organization that provides complete supply of all infrastructure (Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Safety Management, Facility) needed to produce microcapsules and functional materials. Use Production and Quality Management Systems (FactMine) to organize manufacturing processes and QC performance processes, collect and analyze production data to improve product quality, and build smart factory systems to predict demand through production/release planning. We are working hard to create a happy workplace where we can create new value with our technology and grow together.

Dong Hyen Chung


We all together make the innovation for sustainable growth!

Creating new technologies and knowledge based on the teamwork through trust, we are making the basis for the continued growth of our company. Holding the excellent technologies of the best microcapsule in Korea, we develop the products that help the environment and people. The researchers who have both sincerity and talent trust and cooperate with each other, and together, propose and realize new ideas with respect and consideration. With the belief that failure could be a stepping stone to a greater success, the very process of research and development endeavoring to find out what we want to know, with the curiosity, could be a driving force for the innovation toward the sustainable growth.

Kyung-Hyun Kim

Director of IBU

Challenge changes reality!

It is made up of people who enjoy new challenges, based on their expertise in various fields, providing customized products and services. The talented people, who have diverse experiences from modeling simulations to enterprise solutions, would present the best value and satisfaction. We always go one step ahead and find new trends, getting more competitive. Starring with the expression of new ideas for company’s development, all together participate even in expanding the scale to create values. With the opinion of only one person valued, the teamwork could be built through everyone’s sympathy.

Gabriel Rhee

Director of ITC

Create true value from communication with customers!

Based on our abundant experiences and knowledge in various business areas, we provide IT technologies and solutions to create customer’s success and values. We understand the diverse expertise on research and quality control, environmental health and security, and operational information, striving to improve the customers’ business processes with a ready posture. We are growing through an open mind, the constant self-development, and communication. We are realizing the creation of true values by providing high-quality services to our customers, such as consulting, system construction, and system operation service.

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