INSILICO is a company that provides services of new material development and system construction with the new methodology of high efficiency and low cost, based on IT and material fusion technologies.

We are conducting innovative product development by establishing an integrated collaboration system in the entire process from material design through molecular modeling and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to research, development, manufacturing, and quality control.

We are providing the technical consulting for molecular modeling and simulation, regulations and quality control, manufacturing and production information management solutions, etc., as a partner in the Korean region for DASSAULT SYSTÈMES’ BIOVIA.

Based on the accumulated technologies and high quality through the continuous investment and R&D, we have been peerlessly preoccupied the domestic and overseas special-functional microcapsule markets. Recently, we are expanding the market by developing customer-value innovation products with our capsule materials.


* INSILICO, meaning of company name

Among the research methods of biotechnology, the experiment conducted inside the body is called “in-vivo” experiment, and one outside the body is called “in-vitro” one. In contrast, the virtual experiment performed on a computer that is made of silicon is called “in-silico” one in a bioinformatics terminology. Therefore, INSILICO refers to the “fusion technology of science & IT” which is the base technology of our company.

CEO Message

INSILICO Co. Ltd. is providing customers with consulting, solution, and system building services for high efficient and low costing product development based on the fusion technology of science and IT. In addition, we design, develop, manufacture and sell smart materials on the basis of the enriched experience and technology accumulated over years.

Insilico provides optimal solutions and services and makes utmost effort to develop new materials necessary for future through endless innovation and R&D. Escaping from conventional frames, we present our customers with products necessary for them and will create blue ocean. We will not be complacent but keep growing the company with modest attitude to jump up to be a leading company in the world.

I thank you again for visiting Insilico homepage and make a firm promise that Insilico will be a trustworthy partner for you.


Organizational Chart



Certified as The Best Valuable SMEs from Gyeonggi Province



Certified as a Small Giant Company from MSS



Certified as a Korean World-class Product Award from MOTIE

Move to smart office located in Banwol Industrial Complex in Ansan


Certified as an IP Management Enterprise from KIPO


Certified as a Global Leading Company from KICOX



Awarded three million Tower Industrial Award from president of Korea



Winning an award of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning



Certified as an ISO 14001:2004



Changed company name to Insilico Co. Ltd.(New unified company from Insilicotech Co. Ltd. and Polychrom Co. Ltd.)


Awarded one million Tower Industrial Award from president of Korea (Polychrom Co. Ltd.)

Acquired Polychrom Co. Ltd. as subsidiary



Certified as an ISO 9001:2008


Certified as an official INNO-BIZ Company


Certified as a Venture Company

Certified as a Company-affiliated R&D Institutes



Foundation of Insilicotech Co. Ltd.

Along with technical consulting contract with BIOVIA